Why patch & strand tests are important

Why patch & strand tests are important

I know what you are thinking, having to pop in to the salon before your appointment when you can book online is a bit of a pain. We have many clients making 2hr trips to get their hair done by us. But trust us, getting a strand and a patch test for any new customer is one of the reasons you will keep coming back!

It is extremely difficult to predict certain things about your hair & hair colour by just looking at a picture. Of course, if the change is minimal, you can probably get away with it and we can sort everything on your appointment day. Only if you are a regular customer and have already taken your patch test, that is!

Patch test & Consultation

We always recommend to pop in for a consultation if you are looking to change your hair colour, no matter if it is via highlights, balayage, ombre etc. Especially if you are going to need bleaching. The easiest way to know is just by sending us a picture of your hair and another your hair goals. That way we can ask you to come in for a further inspection. On the consultation we can check the colour, the texture and any possible undertones from past colourings that we can’t see from a picture.

Once we check, we will create a plan with you to help you achieve your hair goals. Keep in mind that your hair health is and will always be our top priority. So, if a colour can’t be achieved in one sitting without tedious and damaging processes, we will tell you. We believe no colour is impossible, it just takes more time -and less regrets ?

For any new customer we are also required to perform a patch test behind your ear at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to make sure no bad reaction. Look out for any redness, swelling, itchiness or soreness and give us a call if you notice anything. We will sort it for you and discuss the best course of action.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you can wash the area and surroundings thoroughly with mild shampoo to remove any excess dy. Gently applying an emollient (moisturising treatment) such as aqueous cream to the affected area will calm the skin.

Strand Test

On some cases, when the colour change is major or when we are not sure how the colour is going to turn out, we perform a strand test. By taking a little snip, usually from the bottom back of your hair (completely unnoticeable), we can test a few different things. It is a crucial step in order to ensure you get 100% the colour you were hoping for.

If you have died your hair multiple colours or have used box dyes, taking a strand test is a must, since we cannot predict how the hair is going to lift.

It can prevent a major hair catastrophe

By taking a strand test we ensure any possible reactions happen in a controlled environment. We have experienced cases where clients aren’t completely honest about their hair colour or use of box dyes, maybe fearing they will get told off. Mistakes happen, and we’re all guilty of using the odd box dye – especially during quarantine!. But, in order for us to achieve the best result, we need to make sure the hair will lift & colour the way we expect it

It lets us know how long to leave the dye on & what developer to use

By performing a strand test we can see the limits of your hair, how long to leave the lightener on and what developer we can use. We would usually go for our main one, but in some cases, we can see from a strand test that other ones might work better.

This allow us to plan your appointment, get everything ready & sorted and work more efficiently.

We get a preview of the final hair colour

By performing a strand test you can get a preview of the hair colour you can expect. Even if the hair does not behave in the way you expected it, you can still see if you like it and go ahead.

This also covers our back, since you are fully informed of the process and what to expect on your hair.

Overall, the safest way to approach a major transformation in your looks is to perform a strand test. By doing this, we can guarantee you the best results!

Please make sure you look after your hair -this is the perfect time! Use your leave in mask treatments, give your hair a heat break and let us take care of the rest on your next appointment. Book in asap to avoid disappointment!

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