Hair Trends for Winter 2021

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Hair Trends for Winter 2021

We can’t be more excited for our reopening on December. This year has been a real test for all of us, so we are delighted we can be back doing what we do best and get you all ready for Christmas!

This time we bring you a selection of the hottest trends for Winter 2020 – 2021 to give you inspiration & ideas for your next appointment. Let’s have a look:

The Luxe Mane

The ever classic, this year more than ever! All the time spent indoors has given us a chance to look after our hair and let our locks grow, and what better way to show it than with a lightly layered, fresh long cut. We just dust off any split ends, tidying up your hair without losing any lenght.

Short/thin hair? No problem! add a full head of our healthy KiaKnots Hair Extensions and you are sorted!

The Wavy Bob

This one for those that are tired of high-maintenance looks but don’t want to lose all the lenght.

Bob cuts are perfect and so in this season! Add some texture with some beach waves of luxe blow dry and you are ready to go. Dress it up with baby lights and you are Christmas party ready.

Just ask us for our signature Beach Bae waves when having your hair cut or colour for a refreshing look that goes great with soft caramel tones or bright colours. Wool hats and scarves are the perfect accesory.

Root fade

We can’t get enough of this one!

Roots growing out of control during lockdown? Have you gone from jet back to platinum blonde and the contrast showing on your roots is driving you creazy? Or maybe just tired of refreshing your colour every so often? We have the solution!

Our soft root fade blends your natural hair colour with your highlights or tint, creating a gradient effect that will extend the time between colours. The perfect cosy look for winter!

Face Framing

Our signature service and often paired with our subtle fade root. It’s a natural pop of light around your face, usually parted in the middle with no bangs. This style highlights your facial features and adds a bit of light to the face. Perfect paired with a beanie and some beachy waves!

Please make sure you look after your hair -this is the perfect time! Use your leave in mask treatments, give your hair a heat break and let us take care of the rest on your next appointment. Book in asap to avoid disappointment! See you all soon!

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