Looking after your hair during lockdown

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Looking after your hair during lockdown

With a second National lockdown underway, most of our customers have asked us for advice on how to look after their hair. Whether you just managed to get your roots sorted after the first lockdown or you are worried your mane will be untameable by December, there is something here for you. We will share a few tips to help you looking after your hair, and ensure your hair keeps healthy and it’s in perfect condition for your next appointment. This can help with styling, cutting and specially colouring. The healthier the hair the better your new hair colour is going to look!

Washing your hair

Should you wash your hair every day? We don’t recommend it! Washing more often than once every three days can reduce the scalps natural oils, necessary to keep your hair soft & healthy.

What if I exercise every day? Try to avoid washing your hair when you shower, instead, you could try using a dry shampoo to soak up some of the grease. Trust us, it will be worth it!

Preserving your hair colour

In line with the previous section, in order to make your colour last longer, you should avoid washing your hair daily. The more you wash your hair, the faster your colour will start fading.

We recommend using a colour protective shampoo & conditioner, like the Angel.Wash range from Kevin Murphy. Use cold water to wash & rinse your hair, hot water removes essential oils that help preserving your colour.

Taking this simple measures will help your hair colour last almost double as long! It will also help you achieve an even better colour refresh on your next visit.

Cutting your hair at home

Our honest advice is not to do it at all. If you absolutely hate your hair at the moment, try to style it differently (you wouldn’t believe what a cool wave style or changing your parting side can change your hair!) or wear it up. If you absolutely must – i.e. your straight bangs have grown past your eyes now- here are our tips.

Make sure you have the correct equipment, such as proffesional grade hair cutting scissors. Office scissors are a big no-no! The blunt blades will most certainly cause split ends and fray your hair, making it look more frizzy.

Cut as little as possible. We know how uncomfortable unruly hair can get, but if you want your hair to look its best -and preserve your lenght- try and always cut as little as possible. We will fix the rest as soon as we’re back open!

Dyeing your hair at home

Please- JUST DON’T. We have seen nothing but dramatic fails after the first lockdown. Some of the worst heads we have had to fix at Boombae came from a box dye. It takes knowdledge and years of practise, precise and personalisated crafted formulas for each individual in order to achieve the desired result. It is more than likely that the box dye colour -specially if it’s cheap- won’t come even closer to the colour showed on it.

If you are one of our regular BoomBaes, you have most likely invested lots of time & effort into achieveing your dream look -why throw all that away this month when you could’ve been taking care of you hair and using leave in mask treatmets instead? Please book in your next appointment as soon as you can and we will get you sorted.

If your roots have just grown out of control and you must touch them up, there are root concealers/semi permanent root sprays you can use in a pinch. These won’t have a permanent effect on your hair and won’t harm it as much.

Please make sure you look after your hair -this is the perfect time! Use your leave in mask treatments, give your hair a heat break and let us take care of the rest on your next appointment. Book in asap to avoid disappointment!

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