Tape Weft Hair Extensions

There are so many hair extension methods on the market, and you need to find out the best one for you!

Tape Wefts use the technique of a tape in method which sandwiches the hair between your natural hair using a special tape but instead of individual strips around the head you can use one whole strip similar to a weave but this is much more discrete and can lay on the head much thinner and wont be as heavy on the head either.

At Boombae we have branches in Manchester and Dublin where we offer this amazing technique.

The Tape Weft Method




Why Choose a Tape Weft?

Versatility: With a tape weft you can still add as many rows as you would like to create as much thickness as you want as you can choose to have it just for thickness or to add length as well!

Durability: Tape wefts are kept in by sandwiching your natural hair in between two pieces of specialist hair tape so it won’t fall out of your hair like other individual strand methods and are very sturdy.

Natural Look and Feel: When installed by one of Boombae’s hair extension specialists, weaves blend seamlessly with your natural hair and are undetectable.

Low Maintenance: With a tape weft, upkeep is so simple and will need to be refit roughly every 12 weeks. Refits can take slightly longer with this method as the glue from the tape will need to be removed, washed and re added.


What hair do you use for Tape Weft Healthy Hair Extensions?

We use the highest quality human Russian hair. Why? Because it is the best out there! It’s not cheap either but it lasts. It is silky smooth and robust! You must be careful when buying hair (if you ever do!) we have travelled all over the world to source the best. We have sourced a sustainable and ethical supplier in Russia that we trust and love to make sure our tape weft extensions are the best out there. 

Tape Weft Hair Extensions Aftercare

The maintenance is very straightforward and easy to follow. Brush your hair often with a tangle teaser, don’t wash your hair too often and make sure your maintenance appointments are scheduled in time. You can swim on pools & sea, style your Remy extensions as you would your natural hair, and use most products. We always recommend picking up an aftercare kit before leaving your salon to make sure you have the best tools to take care of your hair extensions.


We offer our tape weft in both our Manchester and Dublin salons.

Depending on the length and the thickness they range from £400-£650 or €450-€700 and refits being £150- £300 or €150-€300 depending how many rows on needing to be refitted.

How to start?

If you are interested in booking in for a Tape Weft or any of our hair extension methods all you need to do is book a FREE consultation in either our Manchester or Dublin branch with one of our hair extensions specialists!

Showing tape weft method



After tape weft

After tape weft

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