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At Boombae we have 8 hair stations and 3 stylists! Hair is our MAIN thing and our founding skill. Our salon director, Kia, has over 17 years of experience as a professional hair stylist and will make you feel like new!

We offer all sorts of hair services including hair colouring, balayage, Ombre, highlights, babylights, natural root stretching, hair extensions and much more.

From colour correction jobs, platinum blondes, root fades to bespoke colouring and wild colouring pops, our hair stylists in Manchester will help transform your hair. The bigger the challenge the more we love it! Our team of hair stylists also specialise in Kia Knots extensions, our own twist to the classic Brazilian Knots hair extensions. We have a number of different levels when it comes to our stylists with Kia Styles being at the forefront as the ART Director, the highest qualification within the hairdressing industry.

We offer a bunch of services when it comes to everything hair. You name it, we do it. Check them out:

Highlights in Manchester

Highlighting is a technique that changes a person’s hair color, using lightener or hair colouring to lift the level or brightness of hair strands. The resulting highlights can be any color, as long as it’s a lighter level than the remaining hair.

This technique usually makes the hair look fuller, which is why we recommend it to people with thin/fine hair. Our hair stylists also specialise in root blending, applying highlights in a way that will blend with your root color for longer lasting results.

As well as highlights, we have experience with the baby lights technique. Baby lights can go high for lift or low for depth, and the final result will be a really subtle & delicate blonde look, mimicking the sun-kissed hair hues. You paint color onto baby-sized partings of hair with a fine-toothed comb. This option is for those that are looking for more subtle and natural lighter colour or if you are not ready for a more drastic colour change.


Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin | Hair Services in Manchester

My second colour at Boombae and I’m absolutely over the moon. I’m always so welcome with all the team making an effort to come over and chat. Kia is the BEST colourist I’ve ever been to and you can just tell she lives a breathes her work. Even the way she analyses your hair before starting! I would never go anywhere else and it’s 100% worth the 90 minute drive from the Midlands. When you go to Boombae, you’ll realise it’s so much more than just a hair appointment  Thank you thank you!


Verified Customer, Treatwell

Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin|Hair Services in Manchester

Balayage in Manchester

Balayage is a highlighting technique created by French colorists back in the 1970s. It comes from the French word for ‘sweeping’, in reference of how the highlights are applied. It is a freehand technique where the hair stylist paints each hair strand with a brush. There are no guides or measurements, it all comes down to where your colourist thinks the colour will look best.

The result is a more natural, asymmetrical look. Balayage is recommended for people that want a light, sun-kissed style. Make sure you choose an experienced colorist, since the final look will depend on their skills and sense of style. You can go for au naturel tones or blend bright colours like purple or red into your natural roots for a stylish but not over-the-top look.

It usually takes longer than classic highlights since it is applied strand by strand, but the result is worth it. Our Manchester hair stylists have 10+ years experience in the industry and will make your balayage colour a work of art.

Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin | Hair Services in Manchester

If I could give 10 stars I would! Such a positive and friendly hair salon! All the staff here are so lovely! Very knowledgeable, really listened and understood what I wanted. I came as a new client with my hair in desperate need of attention and Kia worked her magic and I could not be happier! My hair looks gorgeous and I’ve had multiple compliments since. Kia booked my next appointment in and then my Christmas appointment to ensure I got a slot! Amazing service! I would highly recommend


Verified Customer, Treatwell

Natural root fade with face framing

Our Boombae signature technique! The perfect fall-winter cosy hair trend. Have your roots grown over lockdown? No problem! It’s time for you to stop dyeing your roots and fade it with your lighter ends. Root fading stretches out the dye along the entire length of the hair, creating a faded effect. This way, the hair keeps its natural colour close to the root with a natural, subtle gradient towards the tips.

Pair this natural look with a pop of light around your face, dyeing those strands, and you get an amazing, trending result. 

One of the perks of going for this style is how long it lasts. It is recommended to pop in for a colour refresh on classic highlights ever 4-6 weeks. However, with a root fade you can go for ever longer. Can’t see your stylist for 7-10 weeks? No problem! Your hair will grow into a natural ombre. 

Natural Root Fade with Face Framing
Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin | Hair Services in Manchester

You can really tell when someone is proud of what they have created. Boombae radiates feel good vibes, hard graft and girl bloody power. Every single customer I saw whilst in there left that salon feeling special with a really personal and genuine send off (and friggin lush beach waves). Believe what you see on the Instagram page.


Verified Customer, Treatwell

Ombre hair colouring

Ever the peak of fashion trends, France is where the word ombre comes from. Meaning shaded, it describes this hair colouring technique as a darker base colour gradually lightened along the lengths. It usually starts around the middle of the lenght, lightening towards the ends. It can be lightened or coloured, from natural root colour to a brighter one. If you are advernturous, you can try a reverse ombre and start with a lighter colour on your roots faded to a darker one on your tips.

Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin|Hair Services in Manchester


Want to freshen up your highlights or your colour? T-bar colouring includes foiling across your parting and both sides around your face, leaving the back of your hair un-coloured. 

This helps refreshing your previous colour and enhances your natural haighlights and tones.


Bespoke hair colouring in Manchester

Not sure what to go for? Got a crazy idea and want to make sure it comes true? Just book a free hair colouring consultation with us and we will check your hair, take a patch test and a strand test if needed and make a hair goals plan with you. 

Each hair is unique, so it might take a few sittings to achieve your ideal hair colour. We put your hair’s health at the core of everything we do, so we will always be honest & realistic with you and never do anything that could potentially damage your hair. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will get to work to make it come to life!

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Boombae – The coolest hair stylists in Manchester

Everyone that works at Boombae has been trained by some of the biggest names in the world and worked on some incredible projects, competitions, fashion shows and with many a celeb such as Jemma Lucy, Callum Best, Pippa O’Connor and Holly Willoughby.

Boombae’s resident ART Director and main hair stylist, Kia Style’s is a Brazilian knot extensions specialist and she will leave you feeling amazing after your appointment.

Boombae has won two categories of the Salon Awards 2020: Best Customer Experience and Best Salon for Hair Extensions.

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Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin|Hair Services in Manchester
Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin|Hair Services in Manchester
Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin|Hair Services in Manchester
Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin|Hair Services in Manchester