Is your fave Hair and Beauty salon going to go bust!?

Boombae Hair Salon Manchester and Dublin | Is your fave Hair and Beauty salon going to go bust!?

Is your fave Hair and Beauty salon going to go bust!?

The national hair and beauty federation (NHBF) has estimated that over 40% of hair and beauty salons and freelancers will be out of business by Christmas. Shocking statistics. The industry has been left high and dry with little support from the government despite longer than anticipated waits especially for facial treatments which one JUST re-started after almost 6 months closed.

At the start of lockdown, our very own Boombae salon closed its doors before being asked. We knew it was the right thing to do. Days later – full lockdown was imposed. We thought it was for 2 weeks however, it went on for almost 5 months!

4 months of business closure, 4 months in peak summer time when people want holiday hair, they are doing out lots to social events, they need to look their absolute best and good hair is key. Hair is everything right?! A bad hair day for anyone is simple – a mega crap day. There really is no better feeling than a fresh colour or trim.

So, what now for the industry?

Covid-19 test galore, apparent rising infection rates, people cancelling appts because work have sent them home and told them to isolate because they have potentially been in the same building as another infected person. Are we stuck in the middle of an apocalyptic nightmare? Hmm….

Some salons/clinics are very busy but some are hugely struggling. They’ve gotten through the waiting lists of regulars and dedicated hair goers and now … tumbleweed.

Feedback from the numerous Facebook beauty groups points to the same things:

  • Client got used to using box dye in lockdown
  • Client lost job and can’t afford
  • Client managed to find someone doing black-market appointments in lockdown so changed stylist (v naughty)
  • Client has realised they can wait longer between colours so the 6 week root colour can wait to 12 weeks now
  • Client doesn’t have any reason to beautify, with no social events happening – some cannot see a point in looking good

Thankfully – we are booked up for weeks in advance, on occasions; months in advance especially Kia Styles and KiaKnots our healthy extension brand. We have found a lot of people wanted a fresh start after lockdown, totally new hair, a whole new look. We are more than grateful for the support and we can’t thank our supporters/clients/friends enough. Thanks to them we are one of the busiest hair and beauty salons in Manchester.

We are noticing lots of new clients too, are they coming from other salons that have thrown the towel in already?! We hope not.

Get behind your local hair and beauty salon, support them, keep them going. Many are really feeling the pinch now and they need you!

Here are some of our fave post lockdown hair transformations:

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