Top fav hair products of 2021

Top fav hair products of 2021

Let’s face it, 2020 has not been the year any of us was hoping for. However, this hasn’t stopped us (for the most part!) from doing what we do best: making all of your hair goals come true! We just came back from lockdown and have a very busy December ahead, we cannot wait!

And we could not have done it without our favourite products and tools that have helped us through and through. So here you have a list of our Top Hair Products from this very special 2020.

Jaguar Scissors

Scissors are the most important tool a hairdresser has, and must be kept sharp and in well condition. You are supposed to use them to only cut hair, since they can get blunt and stop from giving the best result in the hair. Blunt scissors fray the hair, which ends up in more split ends in the long run.

This is why we chose Jaguar scissors. The german company offer the best quality in scissors and other metal tools & accesories. These scissors have kept sharp as day one and got us through many, many haircuts over the year that have become one of our Top Hair Products must haves in the salon.

You can check them our here.

Kevin Murphy Young Again range

We started working with Kevin Murphy earlier this year and we cannot be happier with their product range. Their brand core values (packaging made from ocean plastic, cruelty free products and giving back to the community) are really close to ours. And their naturally sourced range of products offer the best quality to our clients.

The Young.Again range has become one of our favourites for dry and damaged hair. We regularly see people come to us from other salons or from using DIY dyes/bleach with damaged hair in need of deep hydration. This range has been a life saver for our customers!

KiaKnots Hair Extensions

One of our specialties at the salon and our most requested product is KiaKnots Extensions. This extension technique uses no chemicals, heat, glue, machines or bonds of any kind, ensure the hair keeps healthy during the whole process. Not only that, but it can help with hair growth by stimulating the bloodflow through the scalp!

We love this technique and have hundreds of happy regular clients that come to our salon for these extensions. Boombae only offers KiaKnots, since we have seen how harmful other extensions are over our 12 years of experience in the industry.

The transformations are incredible and our customers feedback could not be better. We love the AAA+ quality remy hair and how straightforward the whole process is, this is why KiaKnots is one of our Top Hair Products this year.

Boombae Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Mask

We are so excited to announce we are releasing our own range of products very, very soon! Our boss ladies Kia and Carley have been trialing the samples for months and have finally arrived at the perfect formula.

Keep your eyes peeled, because the range will be available very soon. It includes Shampoo, conditioner and a deeply hydrating leave-in mask and we cannot be happier with the results! Cannot wait for you all to try them out!

Please make sure you look after your hair -this is the perfect time! Use your leave in mask treatments, give your hair a heat break and let us take care of the rest on your next appointment. Book in asap to avoid disappointment! See you all @Boombae

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