Embrace Low Maintenance Hair: The Ultimate Hair Hack for Blondes – Natural Root Stretch

Embrace Low Maintenance Hair: The Ultimate Hair Hack for Blondes – Natural Root Stretch

Are you fed up of having a big dark root growing through which requires so much maintenance? Reduce your salon gaps from 6-8 weeks to 12-16 weeks saving money in the process and keeping hair healthier!

Maintaining blonde hair can be a lot of time, money and can be damaging on your hair. From regular touch-ups to combating brassiness, blondes often find themselves spending a significant amount of time and money on hair upkeep. However, there’s a game-changing technique that has been gaining popularity in recent years: the natural root stretch. This low maintenance hair hack not only saves time and money but also provides a stunning, effortless look for blondes. Here at Boombae we want our clients to have the best service, treatment and be able to have healthy hair and save on cost wherever they can and, we also smash the natural root stretch!

Low Maintenance Growth:

One of the first advantages of a natural root stretch is its ability to seamlessly transition between hair colour appointments. Traditional full-head blonde highlights or root touch-ups require regular maintenance to ensure a consistent look. However, with a root stretch, the stylists at Boombae purposefully leaves the roots untouched or applies a subtle shade closer to your natural hair colour. This allows the hair to grow out naturally without creating a stark contrast between the roots and the rest of the hair. The result is a soft, gradual transition that eliminates the need for frequent touch-ups.

As you can see from the photos the root here is left untouched and so will naturally grow out to make it low maintenance!

Extended Time Between Salon Visits at Boombae:

For blondes, regular trips to the salon can become a routine and often expensive. The beauty of a natural root stretch is that it significantly extends the time between salon visits. Since the technique aims to mimic the natural hair growth pattern, you can go longer without needing a colour touch-up. This not only saves you time but also reduces how often you need to have bleach on your hair which can be harsh on your hair over time. With a root stretch, you can enjoy a low maintenance hair routine while still maintaining a beautiful blonde shade. At Boombae, of course, you are welcome whenever you want to come but we also want to make sure the hair we touch is in good health and don’t want to risk damaging your hair to make sure your hair is always shiny and healthy!

Another client that has left her natural root so she will be able to leave longer between salon visits without the need of feeling her hair is in desperate need of a Boombae visit!

Reduced Damage and Breakage:

At Boombae salon in Manchester we use Redken for all of our colour treatments that have bonders inside its colours and bleach to always protect the hair as much as we can, but blonde hair is often more delicate and prone to damage than other hair colours. Constant bleaching and colouring can weaken the hair, leading to breakage and dryness. By going for a natural root stretch, you minimize the exposure of your hair to bleach treatments. Since the focus is on the roots, the mid-lengths and ends of your hair remain untouched, allowing them to retain their natural strength and moisture. This helps to maintain the overall health and integrity of your hair, reducing the risk of damage and breakage.

When it comes to low maintenance hair hacks for blondes, the natural root stretch technique reigns supreme. By embracing the natural growth pattern and seamlessly blending colours, you can enjoy a stunning, effortless look without the constant need for salon visits. The extended time between touch-ups, reduced damage, and the ability to customize the look to your preferences make the natural root stretch an ideal choice for any blonde seeking a low maintenance hair routine. So, why not give your hair a break and opt for this ultimate hair hack that combines beauty and convenience?

Another before and after of one of our lovely clients at Boombae to show you the root has not been touched and only bleached on the lower ends of the hair which will create less damage on the natural hair and also longer times between visits as the hair will naturally grow out.

Prices start from £95 for highlights at Boombae megasalon in Manchester depending on your desired result… (cut & finish extra)

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