Hair Myths Debunked by Boombae: Addressing Common Misconceptions About Hair Care and Styling

Hair Myths Debunked by Boombae: Addressing Common Misconceptions About Hair Care and Styling

At Boombae we are always wanting the best for our clients to make sure they are keeping their hair in the best condition in between colour appointments or Kia Knots refitting’s. Our hair is a significant part of our identity, and we all strive to keep it healthy, strong, and beautiful. However, the vast amount of information available on hair care and styling often leads to misconceptions and myths that can do more harm than good. Our stylists at Boombae are always asked how they can keep their hair in the best condition and how to look after it in between salon visits but with this they are sometimes told common misconceptions and myths!

Myth 1: Frequent Trims Make Your Hair Grow Faster

One of the most prevalent hair myths is that getting frequent trims will accelerate hair growth. The idea behind this myth is that cutting your hair stimulates the follicles, leading to faster growth. However, hair growth occurs at the scalp, and cutting the ends of your hair has no effect on the hair’s growth rate.

At Boombae we always recommend regular trims as they are essential for maintaining healthy hair, as they prevent split ends and breakage, but they do not influence the speed of hair growth. If you want to encourage hair growth, focus on a balanced diet, scalp care, and overall hair health. The stylists at Boombae will all recommend regular cuts 6-12 weeks to keep your hair healthy and split end free (this is all dependant on how much heat you naturally use on your hair).

Myth 2: Brush Your Hair 100 Times Before Bed

Brushing your hair excessively has been a long-standing tradition thought to promote shine and stimulate the scalp. However, this myth is not only false but can also be damaging to your hair. Over-brushing can lead to friction and breakage, especially if you have fine or fragile hair. Especially if you have Kia Knots you need to be extra careful to not pull too much on the hair extension.

At Boombae we sell special brushes that are soft on hair and can be used on dry and wet hair and work perfectly with the Kia Knots hair extensions. They are only £15 and can be bought in store or sent out in the post. Gently brushing your hair when necessary to detangle and style is enough.

Myth 3: Cold Water Makes Your Hair Shinier

Some believe that rinsing your hair with cold water after washing will seal the cuticles, making the hair appear shinier. While it’s true that cold water can temporarily smooth the hair’s outer layer, the effect is minimal and short-lived. Hair’s shine mainly comes from natural oils and conditioning products that coat the hair shaft, rather than the temperature of the water used for rinsing.

Rinsing with cold water can be refreshing, but it won’t dramatically enhance the shine. Instead, focus on using hair serums, oils, and conditioners to achieve a glossy finish.

Myth 4: Regularly Switching Shampoos is Necessary

At Boombae our biggest question clients always ask is should they change up their shampoo? There’s a common belief that your hair “gets used to” a particular shampoo, leading to decreased effectiveness over time. As a result, some people frequently switch shampoo brands in search of better results. Your hair doesn’t adapt to specific shampoos and switching them frequently can be counterproductive.

The key to maintaining healthy hair is to choose a shampoo that suits your hair type and scalp condition. Stick with it for some time to give your hair a chance to respond positively to the product’s ingredients. If you find that your current shampoo is not delivering the desired results, consider other factors such as your diet, styling habits, and overall hair care routine. At Boombae we retail the highest quality shampoos, conditioners and styling products that do not contain any sulphates or parabens to make sure our clients are getting the best products for their hair. We always recommend clients purchase our Redken or Kevin Murphy shampoos as this will maintain colour appointments and keep the hair healthy and shiny and avoid stripping any colour. Also, it is essential for any of our Kia Knot hair extension clients to use shampoos that are sulphate and paraben free to maintain the health of the hair extension. We always tell everyone at Boombae why spend all the money to get hair extension or colour to go home and use shampoo that will ruin or strip your hair.

Myth 5: Heat Protectants Make Styling Safe

Heat protectant products are commonly used before applying heat styling tools to reduce damage. While they do offer some protection, it’s essential to recognize that they don’t make heat styling entirely safe for your hair. Excessive heat exposure can still cause damage over time, even with the use of protectants. This also goes to ‘high street’ heat protectants that will not do the same job as professional products like the ones we stock at Boombae which will protect the cuticle of the hair much better.

To minimize damage, use heat styling tools sparingly, and always adjust them to lower temperature settings. Additionally, opt for hair-friendly styling techniques like air-drying, braiding, or using heatless curls to give your hair a break from the heat.

At Boombae we always want the best for all our clients so they can leave the salon with the best colour, cut and hair extensions! If you fancy a change to your hair or want to come to our highly professional yet funky and fun salon book your free consultation today!

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