Why going into the City Centre to get your hair done at a hair salon is no longer cool, relevant, or convenient

Why going into the City Centre to get your hair done at a hair salon is no longer cool, relevant, or convenient

Remember the days when people thought the best hair salons were in the City Centres of towns?!

I remember thinking this when I was younger. I also remember thinking – why isn’t there great hair salons out of town?!

This is exactly why we created Boombae in Manchester and exactly why we decided NOT to take an expensive unit in Manchester city centre but guess what? – we found a lovely unit just out of the city WITH FREE PARKING! That’s right, our very own carpark and our own outdoor garden space. No busy Highstreet isn’t a problem if the marketing is strong.. Of course, the hair transformations need to also be top notch and clients need to be so happy with their hair that they tell their friends too!

Boombae was born in 2019. An amazing hair salon in Trafford, Manchester – a stones throw from Manchester City Centre and just round the corner from Castlefield. Some class us as Stretford and some Trafford.

No having to stress, find a parking space, pay for the parking space, end up miles away from the Highstreet salon, end up late and before you know it – your day is ruined. Then comes the crazy bill at the end, then the long walk to the car.. windy, rain and the fresh hair is gone and you are absolutely livid.

We class ourselves as hair transformation & hair extension experts. Nice, juicy BIG transformations without the crazy City Centre prices BUT also not as silly-cheap as some local hairdressers you’d find on street/estate corners. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have Senior Stylists only doing your hair, from start to finish. That is ONE person, not passed onto an apprentice or a Junior to finish your hair.

Typical City Centre salons, especially the older model salons – its common for a ‘Colour Technician’ to do your colour and then another person to blowdry (often a Junior) then, another person to finish to the cut. Then comes confusing prices with various different levels of costs to which level the person is qualified. We have seen hair cuts well over £100 JUST for the cut in the City Centre.

So, Boombae is the salon that has it all. Parking, just outside of the busy city, outdoor space to chill between your colour developing (lovely in the summer!) dog friendly, Senior Stylists, one person from start to finish doing your hair, vibey, quirky, fun, cool and you are missing out!

From healthy hair extensions that put beauty works a run for their money, to balayage, lived in blondes, root smudges, natural root smudges to crazy colours or multi coloured hair. We can do it all.

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