How to wash your hair like a professional

How to wash your hair like a professional

Who doesn’t love the feeling of clean hair? It helps you feel rejuvenated and ready to meet any challenge life can throw at you. Now, what if I could tell you there’s a way to get that sparkly, wonderful salon-clean feeling at home?  

Everyone’s hair is different, so how often you wash your hair, what exact products you use, and the time it takes, may all differ depending on your hair texture and style. Keep reading to find out exactly how to wash your hair like a pro.

Brush your hair before you wash it

A really simple way to improve your hair care routine is by brushing your hair before even getting it wet. Teasing out any tangles before washing your hair is a great way to ensure maximum sparkle and shine. Brushed, knot-free hair will cause less friction when washing as it allows the water to run freely through it. So, brushing from the tips first then working up eases out any tangles and knots before you hop in the shower.

First wash

It seems almost too simple to be worth mentioning, but make sure your hair is properly wet before you start shampooing. The naturally-occurring oils that make your hair greasy come from your scalp, so this should be your area of focus. It’s hard to get a good lather going with the first shampoo, so don’t worry too much about lathering up at this point. The first shampoo is really just cleaning away all the grime and build-up.

You still want to give your scalp a good firm massage, but there’s no need to tear your hair out or pull it vigorously. Gently massage the shampoo in circular movements through the mid-lengths and down to the tips using the palms of your hands. Then rinse out all that grime and grease, squeeze out another dollop of shampoo and get ready for round two. 

Second wash

The first wash lifts and loosens dirt, grease and grime. The second shampoo cleans it away. This is where the lathering happens. Spend some time really working up a good lather with large circular movements with your palms and little circular movements with your fingertips. This also allows the specific shampoo you’ve got to really get to work. This could be colour protection, damage repair, or extra hydration. When it comes to shampooing, it’s easy to think more is better, but a 50p size amount of shampoo will do the job for most people. Too little shampoo and it’s hard to get a good lather going. Too much and you end up wasting your product. 

Conditioning time

Once you’ve finished shampooing your hair, it’s time for conditioner. First, squeeze out the excess water from your hair so the conditioner doesn’t just run away down the drain. You can even pat your hair dry with a towel. Then apply your conditioner to the mid-length and tips of your hair. Leave it on a few minutes to fully penetrate all the layers of your hair – just enough time to sing your favourite Lady Gaga song – then rinse thoroughly.

Dry your hair

When it comes to drying your freshly-cleaned hair, squeeze and wrap, never rub. Vigorous towelling and rubbing can damage your cuticles and no one wants that! A blow-dry is a perfect way to finish off your professional cleaning routine if you have time. Now it’s your time to shine!

If you have any questions about which products you should use, or if you want a pro to show you how it’s done, then pop into our hair salon in Manchester or give us a ring today!

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